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Bring your product not only to your customers but also to their friends.
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When your friend bought a product, you are much more inclined to buy the product as well.




Remember your friendship book?

That book you probably kept from your childhood?
Where you asked your friends to make you a nice drawing and tell something about themselves.
Those were the days, right?

SuperFriends turns these friendship books into something fun and entertaining.
With our mobile app, your friends can now make photo's and video's, record sound clips, make a drawing, choose their favourites and more.

Your product and our friendship book

Children (aged 6 to 11) invite their friends to participate.
That is where your product comes in.
With SuperFriends your product includes a beautiful invitation card that children use to invite their friends.
This is your chance to get your product into the hands of the friends of your customers.

Growth hacking in an easy and efficient way.

Is your product a perfect match for SuperFriends?

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